Bird Owners

Bird seed, bird cages or bird toys at Mount Isa Pets & Produce we can provide you with a variety of feed, houses and toys that will keep your birds thoroughly entertained and healthy all day long.

We carry stock for all types, so no matter whether your feathered friend is a parrot, budgie, finch or a wild bird you can be assured that our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable staff will guide you towards the best products for you.

And if you're not sure of the breed of bird or know the right medication? Our years of training and product knowledge will set you on the path to wise purchase choices.

Bird Seed

We are passionate about birds and strive to offer a variety of bird seed, so pets and wild birds alike, will always be well fed and cared for. We cater for all breeds/species and aim to keep our stores well stocked with your favourite brands; however should you not be able to find the bird seed you want, we can easily order it in on your behalf and deliver it straight to your car.

So why not browse through our collection below? Our Crest range of birds’ seed comes in 4kg and 20kg bags for:

  • Parrots
  • Small parrots
  • Budgies
  • Finches
  • Wild birds
  • Pigeons

We also carry a variety of nutritionally enriched pellets, mixes and biscuits that your birds are bound to love:

  • Lorikeet dry
  • Lorikeet wet
  • Parrot pellets
  • South American pellets
  • Egg & biscuit
  • Hand rearing mix

Bird cages and Accessories

We aim to provide your birds with the best in living conditions, meaning our bird cages will often vary in design depending on what we can get you for a good price.

Small, medium or large... all of our bird cages are built to last whilst offering your pet a comfortable and spacious environment where they can fly freely and play with an assortment of toys.

Our bird toys are purposefully chosen to keep your birds minds sharp, engaged and focused, providing endless hours of entertainment and joy:

  • Stainless steel coop cups from 150ml to 900ml
  • Bird toys

Bird medications and Healthcare

As a responsible bird owner, we understand your desire to keep your birds free from unwanted mites, lice and worms. Known to trigger poor health, you don't want your birds to unnecessarily suffer.

Fortunately our exclusive range of bird medications can offer your pets many years of good health and vitality, and are incredibly easy to use:

  • Bird wormer
  • Mite & lice spray
  • Insecticidal powder

Household pet or wild, these beautiful creatures deserve the chance to flourish, and thanks to our years of industry knowledge and training you can offer them just that.

You can take advantage of our in-depth product know-how and offer your birds the finest in feeds, bird cages and healthcare – all at an affordable price!

So why not contact us today to find out more?

No matter whether you are looking to buy a new pet or simply need advice on how to protect your garden visitors, our professional team of experts are always here to help.