Cats & Small Animals

Cats and Small Animals

Mount Isa Pets and Produce know pets come in all shapes and sizes. Our store is fully stocked with everything you might need to keep and care for most small animal varieties. We carry food, health supplies, bedding and toys, health and toiletry products and other accessories for cats, guinea pigs, rats, mice and more!


Food and Feeding

The knowledgeable sales team at Mount Isa Pets and Produce can help you find the right product for your pet. Should we not have what you are looking for on the shelf, we will happily source it for you. Ask us today!

Our large and varied range includes;

  • Feline
  • Black Hawk
  • Royal Canin
  • Advance
  • Whiskas
  • Friskies
  • Supercoat
  • Catpro
  • Mouse / Rat / Guinea Pig
  • Peckish
  • Peters
  • Elite Pet
  • Jack Rabbit


A clean and discreet litter area is needed for both the pet and the home. We have a number of solutions to suit your needs, your home style and ensure hygiene can easily be maintained.

  • ·         Litter trays, boxes and liners
  • ·         Litter – paper, pellet, clay, crystal
  • ·         Training pads
  • ·         Deodorizing and sanitizing
  • ·         Scoops and waste removal


Our feline friends appreciate the finest things in life. Regular grooming ensures a healthy coat and skin, improves circulation and removes loose coat, decreasing the shedded amount of coat. Mount Isa Pets and Produce have all your small animal grooming needs covered.


  • ·         Brushes and combs
  • ·         Trimming scissors
  • ·         Clippers and trimmers
  • ·         Nail trimmers
  • ·         Shampoo, conditioner, coat detanglers



All animal varieties are susceptible to parasites. Cats are natural hunters and the practice of hunting rodents, small lizards and even bugs satisfies the predatory urges of the cat but also increases the chances of parasitic infection (worms, lice, mites) or injury (wounds, bites). Should your cat or kitten find himself in a tangle, the friendly and knowledgeable sales team can assist you to quickly and easily locate the product you need. Our range also includes products suitable for mice, rats and guinea pigs.

  • ·         Worming – oral and topical
  • ·         Medicated washes and topical applications – antibacterial washes and creams
  • ·         Flea or tick treatments
  • ·         Collars, leads and harnesses
  • ·         Carry cages / travel crates
  • ·         Hutches
  • ·         Bedding


Mount Isa Pets and Produce growing and ever changing range includes toys, chews, scratchers and play houses. We have toys with hidden agendas, for dental health or exercise. Toys for fun and games and ‘toys’ for relaxation. We have something to entertain all small pet varieties and can help you source anything specific that you may require.

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