Dog Owners


Canine, Canidae ~ˈkeɪnʌɪn,ˈkanʌɪn

Dogs, we know, come in all shapes and sizes. Long legged, round bodied, long coated, sensitive skinned or overly energetic, your dogs health and happiness is priority.

Our canine companions can live well into their teenage years or beyond. At Mount Isa Pets and Produce, we can assist you in providing your dog all the good things in life.

Our friendly dog loving sales team are up-to-date with product knowledge and new release ranges and can assist you to find exactly what you are looking for. Stop in today!


Dog Food and Feeding

Mount Isa Pets and Produce carry a wide range of dog food, wet and dry. We have speciality foods for particular breed types or conditions. If your dog requires a special diet, we can cater.

Brand range includes;

  •         Eukanuba
  •         Royal Canin
  •         Advance
  •         Optimum
  •         Supercoat
  •         Cobber
  •         Dog Pro
  •         Pedigree
  •         Bonnie
  •         Uncle Albers

Special orders are possible and our experienced sales team are happy to spend the time exploring your product options.

You will also be impressed with our ever changing range of bowls, vermin proof storage and dispensers.


Housing / Bedding

Whether your pooch resides indoors or out, we have a bedding solution for all. From cages to kennels, from framed, off the ground bedding to cushioned sleepers. Offer your dog a sleep and rest environment they will love.

  •         Framed dog beds and replacement covers
  •         Dog kennels and huts
  •         Wire Pet Cages and Enclosures
  •         Airline approved travel crates


Parasites can affect all species and our dogs are no exception. Whether seasonally affected or part of a routine prevention schedule, Mount Isa Pets and Produce can guide you to a product that will keep everyone at their best.

  •         Flea and tick treatments and washes, oral and topical
  •         Parasite prevention and management, worming, oral and topical
  •         Mites and mange, treatments and washes

Like us, the needs of our dogs can vary. At Mount Isa Pets and Produce, we can help with the most specific of requirements. Sensitivities, allergies, wounds or injuries, dental, nail trimming and coat care, toileting and hygiene – there is nothing we can’t source!

  •         Joint Supplements
  •         Multivitamins
  •         Travel vitamins and support
  •         Treats
  •         Toys and chewers

Dog Accessories

Mount Isa Pets and Produce have researched, tried, trialed and explored hundreds of items to arrive at the quality range of collars, leads, muzzles, tie out stakes, rugs and coats. Our sales team can guide you to find a functional, stylish and good quality product, fit for purpose. Whether you are looking for hard wearing, durable or weather proof, visible and reflective or something just a little different, let us help you.


Animal Training Systems

You can teach an old dog new tricks. You can teach any dog new tricks!

Is your dog learning new skills? Are they helping you with the gardening a little too often or do they talk too much? Mount Isa Pets and Produce carry the Animal Training Systems range and can assist with locating the right device for your needs. The Animal Training Systems range includes training collars, bark control collars, tracking collars and containment fencing.

The Animal Training Systems range will keep your dog secure – inside your yard and outside of the pot plants!

View our range today.