Home Owners & Gardeners

For every household problem or gardening dilemma he team at Mount Isa Pets & produce can help. We carry a variety of grass seed, organic fertiliser, baits and much more, so you can easily and affordably improve your home and transform your garden into a beautiful masterpiece.

Whilst we strive to stock all of your favourite, most popular products, should you find that we don't stock the brand you are looking for, we will gladly order it in so you can experience complete customer satisfaction.

Household pests

Unfortunately we all suffer from unwanted household pests at some point in our lives, yet you don't have to let them take over your home.

We offer a diverse range of insecticides capable of dealing with all types of insect pests. White ants, spiders, ticks and fleas, cockroaches... we can help you to safely remove them from your home and keep your house pest free.

Similarly we stock a collection of rat baits, stations and traps to prevent infestations and nests:

  • Rat and mouse baits
  • Rat and mouse bait stations
  • Rat and mouse traps and glue boards

*All of our staff are fully trained and knowledgeable on all aspects of our products, and are always on hand to provide guidance, advice and training on how to best to resolve your problem.

Garden pests

For assistance dealing with many of your common garden pests, we recommend some of the following top brands to bring order back to your garden and protect your plants from unwanted guests.

  • Herbicides for specific jobs
  • Glyphosate – kills everything
  • Sempra – deadly on nut grass
  • Kamba M – for bindies and clover
  • Tree & blackberry killer

*Remember – when using herbicides or insecticides on plants you must use a wetting agent – we carry wetting agents in several sizes.

Your lawn

Drought? Moss infestation? Creating a new lawn? We carry a range of grass seed and organic fertilisers to help rejuvenate your lawn and leave it looking healthy and luscious.

Simply work into your soil and our fertilisers will help to nourish your grass whilst prompting new growth.

  • Grass seed
  • Crop King 88 – chemical fertiliser
  • Eco 88 – semi organic fertiliser

Grassmaster – organic fertiliser

For a vibrant, organic lawn our team of highly skilled staff can help guide you towards a range of organic fertilisers, manures and pellets that will naturally revitalise your garden and improve its appearance.

Assisting you to find the best option for your soil, with the support of our in-depth product knowledge we can quickly help you to make wise, affordable choices.

  • Other fertilisers etc
  • Organic booster pellets – poultry manure pellets
  • Turfmaster – poultry manure fines with blood & bone
  • Organic Extra
  • Gypsum
  • Blood & bone
  • Aglime
  • Dolomite
  • Urea

Useful tools

From our garden sprayers to our fertiliser spreaders, our range of garden tools can make taking care of your garden even easier as they help to simplify the job whilst keeping garden maintenance stress-free and to a minimum.

  • Garden sprayers
  • Fertiliser spreaders

We all dream of waking to a luscious garden, overflowing with healthy and vibrant plants, and thanks to our stock of organic fertilisers, seed and tools you can achieve just that. You too can free your garden of unwanted pests and transform it into everything you have always dreamed of – a place of solitude, relaxation and peace.

Contact us in-store or online today to browse our range of garden care products and let the transformation begin...