Horse / Equine

Your horse is important to us.

The North West region is home to horses and horse owners from many walks of life. Do you have a work horse? Honest as the day is long. Or a Racehorse? With blow your hat off kind of speed. Do you have a pony that is a few centimetres too round in the barrel? We can help. 

Our store stocks a growing range of feed and supplements, veterinary, grooming and stable products aswell as gear and equipment for your chosen discipline.

Mount Isa Pets and Produce are proud to source from a range of suppliers and are committed finding the right product for you. 

Stop in and see some of our large range today! And if still you can't find what you're looking for, our experienced and friendly staff will guide you through the ordering process. 


Keeping horses can be a challenge. Keeping horses in the outback can be even more of one. 

Mount Isa Pets and Produce keep all your favourite brands and products from tried and tested whole and raw favourites to convenient and pre-balanced complete feeds. Our experienced staff receive regular updates on new release products and can assist you to choose a feed to suit your and your equine partners needs.  

Brand Range including;

  • Hygain
  • Pryde's Easifeed
  • Mitavite
  • Riverina
  • Ridley/Barastoc
  • Stance

Horse Supplements

Some circumstances can warrant a little something extra to keep our equine athletes in top condition. The demands of competition and travel, temperature fluctuations, breeding and foaling, sickness, injury or relocation can bring about extra nutritional demands. 

Mount Isa Pets and Produce has a fully stocked animal health aisle with everything you might need to improve your horses overall condition, health and well being. 

  • Electrolyte replacers
  • Vitamin and Mineral supplements
  • Rehydration products
  • Appetite support
  • Muscle, joint, bone and coat formulas
  • Calming products
  • Salt and lick products

Horse Health

Of course, nutrition forms only part of a picture of health. Mount Isa Pets and Produce product range includes everything you need to treat, manage, protect or heal.

You will find many products for de-worming, fly repellent, skin protection and injury or wound management. 

Our sales team strive to ensure we have the products you need, when you need them. Saw something you liked, but can't see it on our shelves? Ask us! 


You only get one chance at a first impression.

Our exciting saddlery and gear range is guaranteed to have you and your horse covered. Mount Isa Pets and Produce source and stock quality products from a range of suppliers. We have an ever expanding range of gear and equipment for horse and rider and for all ventures, from showing, presentation and turn out to rodeo and rough stock. 

  • Saddle accessories, mounts and leatherware including stirrup irons, leathers, girths, cinches, surcingles and bates straps/latigos
  • Saddle pads
  • Bridles, bits, reins
  • Halter, headstalls, lead ropes
  • Lunge lines, training leads, lunging rollers and accessories
  • Protection boots, overreach boots, bandages, wraps and pads
  • Tail bandages, wraps, and bags
  • Hobbles and hobble chains
  • Helmets, helmet brims
  • Yachting rope to make halters, reins and leads
  • Rugs and rug accessories - including spare straps, buckles, bibs and hoods
  • Grooming equipment including, rushes and combs, trimming products, shampoo, conditioner and coat shine products, medicated washes
  • All things presentation, make-up, plaiting, false tails, banding items, checker board templates 
  • Rodeo equipment, including safety vests, gloves, ropes, safety helmets, spurs 


You may wish to keep them in... or out. Mount Isa Pets and Produce can assist you to achieve either with a range of fencing equipment. Permanent or temporary and portable. We have a solution. 

Permanent fencing and stabling; posts, pickets, gates and hinges, gate fittings, wire, strainers and pliers.

Portable fencing; portable panels and gates. Suitable for temporary yarding, arena fencing, stock fencing and yarding and travel.

Electric fencing; posts, tape, insulators, earth stake, multiriggers, battery (solar) or mains powered energisers and signage.

Shoeing Gear

No hoof, no horse!

Shod or barefoot, correct and regular hoof maintenance can mean the difference between sound, comfortable well performing horses and sore, under performing and uncomfortable mounts.

Mount Isa Pets and Produce experienced and qualified in-store farrier can assist with hoof care and shoeing advice and product recommendation. Be it shoes, nails and hoof pads, tools, tool boxes or aprons or even topical treatments and dressings, we can help!


  • Horse shoes and plates
  • Nails 
  • Farriers tools – sold individually or in sets
  • Aprons
  • Anvils
  • Stall jacks
  • Hoof treatments
  • Hoof pads and packing
  • Tool rolls

Gear Bags

.....But once you've visited all of these areas and you have all the things you need... you're going to need a gear bag big enough to hold it all and strong enough to last the distance.

This'N'That custom gear bags are professionally cut and assembled and can be made in a range of sizes and specifications. This'N'That can match your stud or racing colours and offer a number of assembly designs.

If you are lucky enough to own a horse, you are lucky enough.