Mount Isa Pets & Produce welcome station orders. We can compile your order for pick up or assist with transport or delivery options to most locations.

Mount Isa Pets and Produce can supply you with anything from our range for animal or livestock health, well being and handling.

Animal / Livestock Health

Your stock is your livelihood. We are here to help you have all bases covered where owning, breeding, rearing and conditioning your stock is concerned. The Mount Isa Pets and Produce team have members knowledgeable and experienced with all facets of livestock health and handling.
  •      Pour-on’s
  •      HGP’s
  •      Fly treatment
  •      Vaccines and drenches
  •      Needles, syringes, vaccinating guns and drench guns
  • ·    Vitamins, minerals and other supplement
  • ·    Lick block and loose lick
  • ·    Livestock handling
  • ·    Ear / NLIS Tags
  • ·    Stock prods
  • ·    Castrating equipment
  • ·    Preg testing equipment
  • ·    Dehorners
  •      Tri-Solfen



We are happy to help you find the right product and supply you with right amount. All animal and livestock feeds can be supplied in individual bags, by pallet and some in bulk by weight of up to a tonne.

  •       Single buy bags
  • ·     Pallet buy bags
  • ·     Bulka bags
  •       Poultry, pig, sheep, goat, cattle or horse feed.

We can also supply your feed storage solutions, from vermin proof feed storage tubs to outdoor stock feeders and troughs.


Poisons – Pesticide / Termicide / Herbicide

Creepy crawlies are just this, regardless of your location. To rid your area of anything unwanted – the plant or the animal type – there are many products available.

Mount Isa Pets and Produce can supply you with a product fit for purpose in a quantity that will get the job done. We can also assist with applicators, sprayers and spreaders to ensure products are handled and distributed safely and effectively.

  • ·         Fertilizer
  • ·         Insecticide
  • ·         Herbicide
  • ·         Sprayers
  • ·         Spreaders
  • ·         Weed burners


For the Nursery

Nature or nurture. Sometimes, somethings need a little help. Mount Isa Pets and Produce experienced and knowledgeable team can also organize supply of hand rearing and early feeding products and aids to ensure optimum nutrition is delivered at any age bracket and the best start is given.

  • ·         Milk replacer
  • ·         Rearing and weaning crumble and pellet
  • ·         Electrolytes, rehydration products, scour treatment
  • ·         Bottles, teats and feeders


Establishing Boundaries

Whether your keeping something in, or keeping something out. Whether it’s the house yard, or the whole property and whether its temporary or permanent. We stock fencing equipment and supplies, gates, hinges and fittings, panels and yarding supplies.

  • ·         Wire – plain and barb, high and low tensile, tie wire
  • ·         Steel pickets – from 45cm to 180cm, individual or bundle buy
  • ·         Steel posts – in a range of lengths and diameters
  • ·         Gates – in a number of styles and measurements

Water Works

Perhaps our most valuable resource. Water is essential and we stock a number of products to assist you to get what you need from and to where you need it.

  • ·     Pumps
  • ·     Troughs
  • ·     Poly pipe and fittings
  •       Poly valves
  • ·     Floats and valves
  • ·     Sprinklers

On the Homefront

Now stocking a range of domestic and household products – why not sort the 2 legged occupants while you are going!

  • ·         Laundry powder, bulk / pail / bucket
  • ·         Washing liquid
  • ·         Fabric softner
  • ·         Disinfectant, cleaning and surface cleaning
  • ·         Gallagher clothes pegs


The team at Mount Isa Pets and Produce welcome phone orders and can assist with selecting you the products you are looking for, as if you were in the store yourself!

Don’t wait until next time, call us today.